Summer Food

The realization of a radical truth takes place in many ways, but often it seems like a surprise: You didn’t know something and then, all at once, you know it. This happened to me just the other night. I stepped out, late, to accompany Travis on his last potty of the day, and it was hot. Really hot. Not the romantic, Greek-isle-sexy-breezes kind of night, but hot. Once it’s still 90 degrees and over after 10 p.m., you know without a doubt summer’s arrived. Continue reading

The Sage’s Wisdom. Or Not.

It is a mid-July Sunday in central Texas. The streets are quiet, the two neighborhood pools half filled with families doing family things. This summer’s weather conversation is as follows: It’s hot, says one person.

Yes, comes the reply, but we were lucky this year. It didn’t start till late.

[End of conversation.] Continue reading


Our neighborhood has a website, of course, with a conversation space called “The Back Fence.” It bears the typical messages about traffic, Christmas package thievery, problems with the swimming pools, and lost & found quadrupeds. Along with these come some that might not be typical in your neighborhood: sightings of coyotes, rattlesnakes, coral snakes, tarantulas – stuff like that. Continue reading