Flowers and Other Things

I still haven’t written my last post about Italy.

You know how sometimes you are eating something so delicious, so far beyond delicious, that you want that last bite to last forever?

I have that regarding my last post about Italy. I know what it’s about. I just don’t want to write it because then the writing about my first trip to Italy will be over. Continue reading

What We Ate

In no time after my arrival at Mary’s house, her dining room table is thrown into chaos: books, projects, magazines, maps, electronics, and beach necessities gather there, ready for any direction we might take. Receipts pile up and rows of quarters are neatly arranged, ready for the parking meters. Because we both love good food, we spend a fair amount of time talking about what we’ll eat next. This way we can plan our daily excursions with one eye on sources of foodstuffs. Continue reading