A Sunday Walk

Let’s face it: this is not my kind of weather. Just under forty degrees and cloudy, with mizzly little showers off and on. Despite owning an array of cold-weather play clothes, there won’t be any biking for me today. So I skim through The New York Times, check out PostSecret and reddit, breakfast, bind off the sleeve I’ve been knitting for two weeks, play a couple of Facebook games, cast on the front of the sweater, lunch…by noon, death by boredom seems like a genuine possibility. Continue reading

Here’s the Thing

Here’s the thing about the weather right now: I can’t keep up. We spend the months between July and October locked in to a pattern of hot, hot, hot, sun, sun, sun, hot, hot, hot. We become accustomed to a simple, if occasionally tedious, reality. Then the winds start to shuffle stuff around, and we can hardly figure out what to wear when we head out the door. Continue reading

Lucy and Ethel Erect A Greenhouse

My friend Mary makes fastidious use of her windshield shade – you know those things that unfold to keep your dashboard from melting in the sun when you can’t find a tree to park under? When I’m with her, being the super-consciencious guest I am, I always try to be first with the chore of folding it up whenever we get in the car. Sorry to have to say that I may be a helpful houseguest, but my manual skills are roughly on a par with a cow learning to crochet. You wouldn’t think folding a windshield shade correctly could be almost impossible, but it is for me. Continue reading