I Don’t Know What Happened

As you may have noticed, The Unruly Gardener site has a new look. I was fortunate enough to be able to consult with a professional, and he spent ninety minutes patiently tutoring me in the magic of WordPress. I learned as much as my superannuated brain could hold in one session, but a few details remain elusive.

Today, for example, the draft I’m working on does not match the look of the “preview,” so I have no idea what the published post will look like. I apologize for my ongoing blogdensity, and only mention these details because I wouldn’t want you to think I work in a constant state of inebriety.

That’s not even the “I Don’t Know What Happened” I meant to talk about. What I meant to talk about was an episode that demonstrates the unpredictable and yet totally predictable outcome of an Unruly Gardener’s visit to a nursery in early spring. Continue reading

The Unruly Gardener Conveys Information

As unusual as it is for me to stick with a resolution for more than one day, here I am again, toiling away at the “20 Types of Blog Posts” listed in some guy’s blog post. Tedium may ensue. You’d better hope things really start popping outside now that spring has officially arrived. (Or is that tomorrow?) Continue reading


How to Become An Unruly Gardener

I was looking around the internets and saw a piece offering (I can’t believe I just wrote 83e6e-dsc_0213that) “20 Types of Blog Posts” for bloggers who want to seem creative and interesting. The author mentioned that one of his readers decided to take up the challenge of writing one post of each type over the next twenty days. What a clever idea. Continue reading

Spring Breaking, or Broken?


Sunday evening, March 16th – Spring Break is hurrying to an end. It’s been a great stretch of puttering, doing more or less only what I felt like doing. If I want to think good thoughts about the weather, I can be glad it’s been so variable. On cloudy wet days I sewed to my heart’s content, and as soon as the sun came out I turned my back on that sewing machine like the most fickle friend imaginable. Dropped that hobby like a hot potato. Continue reading