A Great Day for Hooky



Is there anything better in this world than playing hooky? To turn your back on all responsibilities and wander through a day doing nothing but just what you feel like doing, while everybody else is at work, or school, or whatever their daily tedium happens to be? The very thought makes me want to go Yippeeee! Continue reading

The Poetry of Spring

DSC_0047If you have never read any Dorothy Parker, may I strongly suggest you do so? Not only her astonishing poems (and I say “astonishing” because so many of them appear merely clever and turn out to be so much more than clever); not only her short stories, any one of which you may have encountered in a high school anthology. Continue reading

Still Sputtering

It is a clear, chilly Tuesday morning and we have had quite an array of weather. Last week saw some warm breezes and hot sun – the kind of weather in which lots of yard work gets done, shoulders turn pink, and days end in a pleasant sense of accomplishment. I let myself believe spring was settling in. Continue reading

Begin Again

What does spring mean?

I’ve spent the past year figuring out what it means to be sixty; in a few days I’ll move to the next number. It’s my belief that every “zero birthday” brings sea-changes, and this one has been no exception. DSC_0084There are new aches in the body upon waking, and a new sense of passing the world’s troubles onto stronger shoulders. I feel strung somewhere between Prufrock’s youthful abashment and Yeats’s “tattered coat upon a stick,” and I’m not sure I can hear any singing at all.

Continue reading