Cactus, etc.

Echinopsis oxygona has been busy inDSC_0111 the front yard. I realized over the weekend that three buds were on the brink of opening, and when I arrived home from work last night there they were, waxy chambers beckoning atop intimidatingly hairy stalks. You might think twice about climbing up to eat those petals, but anyone with wings must be tempted to fly straight down into the pastel depths without a single thought about ever wanting to emerge. Continue reading

Why Garden?


Echinacea: purple coneflower

This is one of those odd rhetorical questions I ask myself with varying frequency – most often at the beginning and the end of growing season, when the work is most thankless and intense. Up to my armpits in dead foliage, fingers so used up I can barely work my stupid uncooperative clippers, the words charge unbidden through my evidently empty head: Why am I doing this?  Continue reading