Before the Fall


Now that I can type with 1.2 hands, and being as it’s too hot to venture outdoors in these Central Texas August middays, I can get back to San Pedro in my imagination – where I really ought to be in this break between summer school and the start of fall semester.

Mary and I opened our visit with lunch at the 22nd Street Landing, because salt air and white wine. Traffic coming out of LAX at noon on a Friday was just as you would imagine, and I always need some sea breeze when I first arrive.

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Things You Don’t Even Want to Try to Teach Me

IMG_5221As a youngest child (aka “spoiled brat”) I have never been particularly teachable.  I think, having watched a world full of older, obviously competent individuals, I came to believe that it was downright shameful to not know stuff.

Maybe I should put a trigger warning in here. There’s some hospital stuff. And a photo of an X-ray. Proceed with caution if you’re squeamish about that sort of thing.

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