Oh Damn I’ve Done It Again


I don’t know what comes over me.

All I know is, Floyd made me that lovely stand so I could have interchangeable garden posts, rather than just the ones stuck deep into the ground. Under the stones there is quite a bit more to that stand, including spikes hammered deep into the ground for stability’s sake. (I should say here that I prefer my yard steel to rust before I clear-coat it, if I clear-coat it at all; and I definitely prefer a clear coat rather than paint.)

Which would be fine, but if you have a landscape full of rocks as you know I do, it seems folly to start arranging them in a small circle around the stand. Because small circles give way to larger circles and I find myself walking around looking for reddish stones, blackish stones, and whitish stones. Meditative, but mad. Continue reading

Making Yard Art


Just in case you are looking for something to do – midst of winter in our hemisphere, and all the yard work too tedious to contemplate – this is how I made my most recent piece of yard art.

First, of course, you get a length of steel pipe weighing around 56 pounds, prime it, paint it with metallic silver, and let it dry a day or two. Then place it on a towel (for easy dragging), manipulate it onto a dolly, and bring it to the living room because the garage is too cold for paint.

And because everybody needs a length of pipe in the living room. Continue reading